English Rose


About English Rose

My family are a creative lot, my Dad was a woodwork teacher and he made the furniture for our home, my Mum hand sewed patchwork, embroidered  and made me A-line dresses, and my lovely Grandma spent hours knitting and crocheting. I learned to craft at an early age but then graphic design, especially typography, caught my eye and I went off to college and later to university to study it.

After 12 years working in the design field my husband, daughter and I moved across the Atlantic to live in Chicago with my husbands career, which is also in design. With a non-working visa I had spare hours to fill, so I  returned to my love of crafting, making things with my daughter during the day and cross stitching in the evenings.

I had brought my sewing machine with me and after being introduced to the sewing and craft store, Jo-Ann’s, I enrolled on a quilt making course and the bug which had been in me since I was 6 flourished!

My first and foremost inspiration still comes from my love of Graphic Design. I have tried to embrace it in the design of my quilts, cushions, choice of fabric and work ethic. My second inspiration is from everything pretty and colourful. I grew up with two brothers and I was not a girly girl but when in my thirties we moved from London to the countryside, I started to love anything with flowers, birds, hearts etc. My second favourite colour to green became pink and I loved to spend hours looking around gift and antique shops.

After 6 years of living in the US my family and I, which now includes a son, have returned happily to the UK and English Rose has been born. I hope you enjoy looking through my shop and if looking turns to buying, I wish your purchase brings you much happiness.

Best wishes and joy.